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The Dancer is a kinetic energy floor that generates renewable energy from the movement of the public. We developed The Dancer in 2008, when we launched the world’s first sustainable dance club. It was a novel concept, allowing partygoers to enjoy nightlife, while helping to power the club. 

Step by step, we’ve grown to help our clients promote their sustainability. Nowadays, the Dancer boosts the sustainable brand image of well-known brands from all over the world.

Dancer case studies

Sustainable dancefloor​
Sustainable dancefloor

Heineken House returns to Coachella

Festival-goers generated energy to charge their devices

Human-powered photobooth
Human-powered photobooth

Audi Stage at
Paradise City Festival

Launching their first electric car at
the green festival

Custom made floor
Energy battle

Adidas at the
Boston Marathon

Runners took on the challenge to win a new pair of sneakers

How our technology works

The Dancer uses human movement as a source of renewable energy. By walking, jumping or dancing on the floor, users generate up to 35 watts of sustained output. We feed this electricity back into the floor to power the infinity LED lights. The electricity can also be captured, stored, or reused to power an application.

Kinetic tile

The floor modules spring when stepped, jumped or danced on. Inside each tile is an electromechanical system, which transforms the vertical movement into a rotating movement that drives a generator.


Each module produces up to 35 watts of sustained output. Between 5-35 Watt per person. This electricity can be stored or repurposed on-site.

Energy Output

With our applications, we can visualize the amount of energy generated on our floor. This creates the interactive energy experience we offer to our clients.

Data Output

The data can tell us which person, or which song generated the most energy and translate this into real world examples.

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