Want to create a visible impact
by showing the public
their energy?

Energy Floors –  Get On It!

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The Dancer

  • Boost your brand experience
  • Interactive and fun
  • Movement as a source of energy
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The Gamer

  • Sustainable and fun
  • Play & learn
  • Renewable energy source
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The Walker

  • Walkable solar panels
  • Big data collection
  • Smart and innovative energy source
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The world of energy floors

Our journey started in 2008, when we opened the first sustainable dance club in the world: Club WATT. This club in our hometown Rotterdam originated in the idea of integrating a sustainable vision – People, Planet, Party – into a club. To reduce the club’s carbon footprint, we developed several sustainable club solutions, such as the energy generating Sustainable Dance Floor. Club WATT was a hit, but the Sustainable Dance Floor exceeded all expectations. And we started renting it to events, festivals, trade fairs and exhibitions worldwide. In 2014 we added the Smart Energy Floor to our product portfolio, the world’s most efficient energy converting pedestrian floor.

We rent and sell our floors to a growing list of respected clients like creative agencies, corporates, municipalities, primary schools, architects and public transport companies.

A innovative source of renewable energy

A unique way to visualize sustainability

A fun and interactive way of engaging the public

Pay it forward

Besides raising awareness on renewable energy, we have set ourselves a goal to ‘Pay it Forward’. The concept of ‘Paying it forward’ is very simple. And every person or company can do it. You don’t have to be rich or influential. It’s just as easy as buying a homeless person a fresh sandwich.

Our first ‘Pay it Forward’ project will take place in Nepal where we will install a Gamer in a family support center just outside Kathmandu. Giving the kids in the center access to a renewable source of energy and the possibility to learn and play on the interactive playground.

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