It is our mission to speed up the energy transition by creating awareness about renewable energy in exciting ways.

We design and build floors that generate energy, are smart, interactive and make sustainability visible. So, everyone who steps on them realizes that they can really make an impact. We believe that all technology is available to create a sustainable world. We just need to realize this and embrace these technologies into our everyday lives.

The Dancer

  • Boost your brand experience
  • Interactive and fun
  • Movement as a source of energy
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The Gamer

  • Sustainable and fun
  • Play & learn
  • Renewable energy source
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The Walker

  • Walkable solar panels
  • Big data collection
  • Smart and innovative energy source
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The Story of Energy Floors

Energy Floors aims to create awareness about renewable energy generation and environmental impact. We do this by making energy production visible, interactive, smart and fun.

Our story starts in 2008 when we open the world’s first sustainable dance club and let partygoers loose on our energy-generating dance floor. A thrilling tech innovation that turns clubbers’ movement into electricity and makes them happy in the knowledge that they are generating energy while they party! A new sustainable experience was born.

This innovation is followed by the introduction of the Smart Energy Floor in 2018. Both the Sustainable Dance Floor and the Smart Energy Floor are designed and assembled in our hometown Rotterdam.

Like Rotterdam – known for pioneering, pushing boundaries and a no-nonsense vibe – we have a typical make it happen-mentality. For us, this means making a floor that is smart, interactive and makes sustainability fun. A great feeling that you want to share with as many people as possible.

To do this we keep innovating by creating new ways to inspire people and involve them in the energy transition. Our floors have the ability to convert kinetic energy from the public and solar energy into electricity that can be used on the spot.

So, dance, jump, play, walk, and have fun. Together we are making impact towards a better world. Let’s GET ON IT!

A innovative source of renewable energy

A unique way to visualize sustainability

A fun and interactive way of engaging the public