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Green Pea Mall Turin


Green pea
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Green Pea Shopping Mall in Italy is the world’s first shopping centre built with complete sustainability. Across all entrances to the Green Pea Mall, we have installed our sustainable energy floors. These floors convert the kinetic energy generated from footsteps into electricity.

Kinetic floor at Green Pea Mall
The entire building is built from sustainable materials, recycled parts and innovative sustainable solutions. Think of recycling natural resources like rainwater, or energy from the sun through solar panels, which feature over the entire construction. The mall also houses foods and clothing brands with a sustainable character.

Transforming energy for electrical appliances

By walking on the tiles, shoppers’ weight produces energy which is used for all Green Pea activities that require electricity. For example, the energy that is generated can be used directly to charge battery packs for smart phones that visitors can use for free in the food court. In addition to the six floors, we have developed an experience booth in the Green Pea Discovery Mall with two corona proof video games. Shoppers and children can play Flappy Bird and Frogger, powered by our sustainable technology. The experience booth was built by the Bolwerk company and has the same shape and materials as the mall itself. The experience booth can also be monitored and controlled remotely by us in Rotterdam.

Data visualisation

Next to each installation, a visual display captures the real-time energy output generated from each floor, as well as those across the entire mall. The system is designed in such a way that here at our HQ in Rotterdam, we retain control over the content and are also able to troubleshoot software problems and make changes remotely.

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