Playful learning 
in school backyard

Learning through play​

Learning through play

A teaching assistant in the schoolyard​

A teaching assistant in the schoolyard

Awareness about sustainability​

Awareness about sustainability

Learning through play with the Gamer

The Gamer brings playful learning to the schoolyard. The 12 educational games are available at 3 levels and are played by walking, jumping and running on the illuminated floors modules. Modules that take up only a little bit of space, making the Gamer suitable for even the smallest of schoolyards. By playing on the Gamer children become fitter, more social and more aware about sustainable energy. Get on it!

The Gamer as your teaching assistant​

The Gamer as your teaching assistant

The Gamer gets kids moving without the need for supervision. In this way the Gamer becomes the teaching assistant in the schoolyard. At more than 50 Dutch schools the Gamer is part of the curriculum. The interactive playground equipment ensures that children keep improving their motor and cognitive skills. It makes math fun and stimulates playing together. As part of the curriculum, the Gamer becomes your outdoor educational assistant!

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Awareness about sustainability​

Awareness about sustainability

The Gamer’s smart tiles are solar powered. By combining sustainably designed materials and cleverly chosen production processes, the Gamer produces zero carbon emissions throughout its life.  

In the live dashboard all schools with a Gamer will compete with each other. On the dashboard each school can see how much solar energy their Gamer has generated and the scores of the games played. A fun and exciting way to raise awareness about sustainability!

The games

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More information about the games of the Gamer?

Financing with NPO funds

With the National Programme for Education (NPO) the Dutch government contributes to the development of education in the Netherlands. The Gamer is a proven effective method that falls within the ministry’s menu. Movement-based learning has clear benefits for the cognitive and motor skills of elementary school children. This makes full funding with the NPO funds possible. And this is not only beneficial in the short term; with a lifespan of about 10 years, the Gamer also contributes to the development of education in the Netherlands in the long term!

How our technology works

The 9 walkable solar tiles are equipped with sensors and LED lights.

Solar panels​

Solar panels

Together, the 9 units generate as much as 315Wp. This energy is sent back into the grid.



The sensors on each Gamer turn the floor into a powerful touchpad with endless possibilities for interaction.

Interactive LED​

Interactive LED

The interactive LED lights can be programmed in any way you want. We are even developing a program where kids can program the LEDS themselves!

Interactive LED​

Interactive LED

Power production and play usage data is captured via cloud connection. The data is visualized in the dashboard. This gives the schools insight and allows them to compete with each other!

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