Our Education solutions offer two innovative energy solutions: solar-powered smart tiles and our Energy Floors – kinetic floor solution. These solutions both inspire and educate your audience on sustainable energy—all while having fun. By combining sustainably designed materials and cleverly chosen production processes, the Solar Gamer produces zero carbon emissions throughout its life.
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The need for gamification in primary school education

Discover The Solar Gamer by Energy Floors-an innovative education solution powered by Solar Energy or Kinetic Energy and sustainability. Designed for science centers, museums, schoolyards, and beyond, The Solar Gamer is more than just a game-it’s a tool for educating and inspiring the future generation.

With zero carbon emissions throughout its lifecycle, The Solar Gamer exemplifies our commitment to environmental responsibility. Through engaging gameplay and real-time data tracking on the live dashboard, students not only learn about sustainable energy creation but also actively participate in the process.

Imagine schoolyards transformed into interactive learning hubs where students compete, collaborate, and explore renewable energy concepts. Picture science centers and museums becoming epicenters of sustainability education, sparking curiosity and inspiring action.