Innovative floor solution for your smart city

Innovative floor solutions for your smart city

The Walker is a smart data floor designed to promote renewable energy in the public domain. The floor is installed in urban environments to make the production of renewable energy visible. Everyday citizens can directly contribute to the energy transition by engaging with The Walker and benefit from its data and energy production. Our Walker projects support both indoor and outdoor installations in smart cities, as well as smart buildings.


Indoor Solutions

Whether it is a new office space, headquarters, hospital or shopping mall, The Walker combines smart technology and sustainability to your upcoming building project. We use kinetic floor modules that captures both data and energy from footfall of your visitors. The floor design and data display are customisable to fit the scale and style of your building.

Outdoor Solutions

Our solar panels are not hidden away on rooftops or remote farms. Instead, they are built in cities right below your feet. Find us at the entrance and exits of train stations, in car parks, public parks or simply on the sidewalk. The floor works by capturing energy from the sun and feeds it back to the grid, or stores it in a battery.  It is programmed to visualise data of your choosing, such as crowd control, number of steps or educational games.

Tailored to your liking

What are you thinking? Please share your ideas. We always welcome opportunities to collaborate and create innovative projects. A recent example of a tailor-made project is the solar energy sidewalk in Reyeroord, Rotterdam where The Walker is installed at a charging station for electric cars.

How our technology works

The Walker uses solar energy from the sun to generate power. This power is fed back directly to the local grid or stored in a battery. The electricity can be used to power lights, charge vehicles, or other electronic devices. The floor tiles contain LED lights and are covered with a walkable glass layer to encourage engagement with citizens.

Walkable Solar Panels​
Walkable Solar Panels

The panels have an efficiency rating of two-thirds of regular PV panels. They generate up to 35Wp. Each module is 60 x 60 cm. The energy generated is sent back into the grid.


9 sensors on every Walker module make the floor a powerful touchpad with endless possibilities.


The floors can be programmed to interact with the pedestrians, cyclists and cars through games or data visualisation.

Big data​
Big data

The floor modules can read and respond to fit to user behavior. All data is available on an online dashboard in the cloud. The floor can be used for crowd management, smart mobility, and light art.

Walker case studies

The CENT-R Charging Station​
Walker Case Studies

The CENT-R Charging Station

Solar energy generates power to charge electric cars..

Utrecht Central Station​
Walker Case Studies

Utrecht Central Station

The Municipality of Utrecht takes steps to become a smart city.

Green Pea Mall in Italy​
Walker Case Studies

Green Pea Mall in Italy

Shop sustainably at the world’s first mall made from recyclable materials.


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