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Kinetic energy battle

By adding a game element to the Dancer, you challenge your audience to generate even more energy in a fun way. The kinetic energy that visitors generate by playing the games is immediately converted into electricity. The visitors compete with each other in the Energy Battle, generate energy to activate the photobooth or visualize the amount of energy generated on the Energy Meter.

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The sustainable gaming experience

Unique and interactive energy experience

Custom made floor

Regular impact

Fits any location. The original version of the Energy Battle consists of 2 smart kinetic tiles in a frame with an integrated energy meter.

1 x 1 tiles
200 x 200 x 220 cm

40 Wp

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Extra impact

Twice the moves, double competition. The bigger version of the Energy Battle consists of 4 smart kinetic tiles in a frame with an integrated energy meter.

2 x 2 tiles
300 x 200 x 220 cm
80 Wp

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Temporarily out of stock

Temporarily out of stock

Maximum impact

Go big or go home. The premium version of the Energy Battle consists of 8 smart kinetic tiles in a frame with an integrated energy meter.

4 x 4 tiles
350 x 275 x 220 cm
160 Wp

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Kinetic energy battle add-ons

LED lights

Use the generated energy directly to make the colored LED lights of the floor sparkle.

Energy Meter

Visualize the amount of energy generated on a separate dashboard (Energy Floors templates or customized to your branding). Data is also available online.


Dance and jump to generate energy and activate the camera. Dance like nobody’s watching, fill up the battery and say energy!

Phone charger

Charge your phone by dancing. The generated energy is used directly to power the phone charger.

Custom made floor

Want to make even more impact? We build your floor customized and perfectly tailored to each sustainable mission. From sporting events to festivals and from product launches to trade shows, we make the perfect design.

More about custom floors

Dancer case studies

Energy Battle


Sustainable dancefloors activate lights on Techmission010.

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Qatar ExxonMobil Open

Photobooth to promote sustainability at the tennis championship.

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Custom made floor

3FM Serious Request

5 custom-made floors for the ‘Glazen Huis’.

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