getting children into STEM with kinetic energy floors

Kinetic Energy Floors at Techmission010

Kinetic energy floors activate the lights at the annual science education programme.

Techmission010 is a Dutch programme aiming to educate young people about technology. Each year they host a multi- day immersive game experience to explore the possibilities of technology.

The Request

Fewer and fewer young people in The Netherlands are choosing STEM subjects in school, and consequently as a career. They are unaware of what technology is and what they can do with it.

Companies and institutions in Rotterdam believe it is important to help as many of these young people through theoretical knowledge (led by Experiences That Matter), as well as practical activities (organised by Sherlocked).

The Solution

Techmission010 creates an immersive game experience whereby students must complete a series of technological tasks in order to restore power in a warehouse.

Our kinetic energy floors are situated at the end of the course. The students must jump on the floors to generate energy in order to spark the power back on!

The mission takes place across two weeks in February 2022 at Rotterdam’s RDM Campus, the home for vocational studies and innovative companies.

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