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The Kinetic Walkway

The Kinetic Walkway is a smart, sustainable and interactive floor that converts the footsteps of the public into usable electricity. With each step you contribute to the sustainability of the location by generating renewable and positive energy. 

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Event Solutions

The entrance of a festival, the booth on a fair or even a catwalk at a fashion event, all can be turned into an energy generating surface by installing the Kinetic Walkway. We measure the amount of footsteps and energy and show this on screens. It captures the publics attention in a fun and interactive way.  

Smart Building Solution

Whether it is a new office space, headquarters, hospital or shopping mall, the kinetic walkway combines smart technology and sustainability to your building project. We use kinetic floor modules that captures both data and energy from footfall of your visitors. The floor design and data display are customisable to fit the scale and style of your building.

Tailored to your liking

What are you thinking? Please share your ideas. We always welcome opportunities to collaborate and create innovative projects. 

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