Smart Entrance Solutions

We develop flooring solutions for companies and governments by integrating our smart energy floors at the entrances of their buildings. Our innovative concepts are designed for indoor and outdoor use and cater to the needs of the client, its visitors and society at large. Through our energy floors, the visitors, employees and clients can visualise, contribute to and benefit from the production of sustainable energy.

Entrance ideas

Energy floors energy dashboard

Energy meter

Visualize the total amount of green energy production across your building on an online dashboard.

Energy floors e-bike charging

Charging e-bikes

Power your journey to and from the office by optimizing solar energy.

Energy floors vending machine

Application incentives

Offer rewards by providing discounts on applications like vending machines or other company benefits.

Welcome to Smarter Entrances

First impressions last forever and the entrance to your building is no exception. Invite visitors into a space designed for smart data integrations that showcases your green values. Whether it is a new office building, headquarters, stadium or shopping mall, our floors combine smart technology and sustainability to transform your entrance.

Interior kinetic floor concepts

Walk into foyers, receptions, galleries and seated areas. Use kinetic flooring to capture the footfall from your visitors, and the kinetic energy that comes along with it. Visualise the data on a live dashboard for real-time analysis. The floor design and data display are customisable to fit the scale and style of your building.

Exterior solar concepts

Find us at the entrance to buildings, factories or train stations. Build solar floor modules at the entrance to your building to offset your carbon emissions and showcase your sustainable efforts. Our solar floors capture energy from the sun and feeds it back to the grid, or stores it in a battery to charge e-vehicles. The modules are also smart and can be programmed to display the amount of steps or educational games for children. they can also be used to showcase your sustainability efforts, on the modules themselves, via API connection.

What our Clients say about the Enter solution

“The Energy floor is a nice addition to our experience of our beautiful clubhouse. We are a young and dynamic company, we also want to inspire our customers with a dance on the floor, it also produces energy!”​

Wim Mars

Facility Service Manager,

“During our tours or experiences, the kinetic floor is usually a main focus of our philosophy. The people are always so fascinated by it!”​

Sarah Basile

Communications and Events,

Smart Entrance Cases


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