Kinetic floors for the future

November 17, 2021

Kinetic floors for the future

In the current global climate where living sustainably is pertinent, kinetic floors are one of the possible solutions for producing renewable energy. And it is the only solution where individual humans can have an individual impact.

Kinetic energy is the energy of movement and motion. As human beings, we constantly produce energy by merely existing. We create more of this energy when we walk, run, jump or dance. A kinetic floor is an innovative way to leverage the energy we naturally produce in our day-to-day lives, and store it or harvest it for another purpose.

At Energy Floors, we are on a mission to engage the public in positive environmental activity by raising awareness about the global energy transition. That being, the necessary shift away fossil fuels and other harmful processes that have damaged the planet. We do this through our kinetic floor which offers a sustainable solution; a source of human-powered energy.

We call it the ‘Sustainable Dance Floor’ or ‘The Dancer’. It is a dance floor made up of floor modules that when stepped, jumped or danced on will set in motion an internal electro-mechanical system and produce between 25-35W of energy. The energy produced converts to electricity to illuminate the floor’s built-in LED lights or to power any other connected device.


Applying our kinetic floors

The Sustainable Dance Floor is built for indoor use where there is heavy foot traffic. It is versatile and caters to all of our current market areas: entertainment, education and smart buildings.

  • We help companies and brands align with the green agenda through brand activation events and experiential marketing. You can visit Our Portfolio and Blogs for some examples of how the floor has been used to help power festivals, trade shows and even used as a human-powered photo-booth.
  • The Dancer also features in museums and exhibitions around the world as an interactive installation focusing on the future of energy. You can read more about that here.
  • Our most recent examples of smart buildings are the installation at the new Green Pea Mall in Turin, Italy and the new AFAS HQ Experience Center in The Netherlands.

We aim to inspire the public to change their behaviour and think consciously about decisions they make and which steps they take.

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