Sustainable Photobooth:

A Greener Way to Capture Memories

November 8, 2021

Understanding our happy hormones can help you create better experiences that promote your brand message.


All party planners and event marketers know that a photobooth rental is a necessity for any and every event. Photobooths provide the opportunity to capture memories and experiences instantly, and at the same time keep them forever.


Long ago photobooths were associated with taking identity photos and were annexed in the corner of a shopping mall, or at best featured as an ancillary to fairs or the circus. Over the years however, brands, marketers and event organisers have enlisted photobooths as a staple for brand activations, product launches and other forms of experiential marketing. They also feature at all types of events including birthday parties, wedding receptions and end-of-year corporate celebrations.


Photobooths are versatile, for example, some offer customizable filters and frames, others allow you to record boomerangs, GIFs and 360-videos and some come equipped with props. Often you are able to instantly print the photo as a lasting memory and a keepsake. More recently however, image capture has become digitised allowing smartphone users to scan a QR code to download the image onto their device and upload it instantly to the social platform of their choice. As such, photobooths offer an entire experience in and of themselves and are a lot of fun!


Take a look at this latest video from our client Heliox, exhibiting at COP26 2021



The Sustainable Photobooth Experience


Energy Floors are experts in the photobooth rentals market and we offer an interactive, fun and unique solution with our Sustainable Dance Floor. The dance floor is the perfect installation at any event, big or small, and our customisable add-ons – such as the photobooth – elevate the experience. As party-goers dance on the floor, their steps generate kinetic energy. The energy is visualised on a screen measured in joules or watts, and the display can be customised to match the brand aesthetic or decorative theme. We then ‘transform’ the energy generated to trigger a camera to take a photo. Say cheese – you have just created a human-powered photograph. Dancers can then download the photo by scanning a QR code. Our aim is to educate users about the possibilities of renewable energy and to involve the public in a positive environmental activity.


The interactivity of the photobooth therefore becomes more than a vending machine for images but a harbinger for a greater cause – it has the potential to influence behaviour and further the green agenda. With the lasting memory of the images captured, visitors will remember the experience of having to earn their selfie and the actions required to produce clean energy. It works as a great tool for marketers to build brand awareness in a fun and interactive way.


When planning your next event, take a second to think about the purpose behind all of the elements involved. Sustainable decorations, catering and recycling are all perfect examples of conscious-planning, so why not add our photobooth to that list too?