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Custom made dancefloor

With over 385 floors in 43 countries, we have more than enough experience to perfectly tailor the Dancer to your sustainable mission. From sporting events to festivals and from product launches to trade shows, we’ll help you boost your sustainable brand image.

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Dancefloor illuminates the Christ the Redeemer statue green

Back in 2014, we installed a custom made kinetic energy floor tiles underneath the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, atop Corcovado hill. The energy generated by dancing tourists charged smartphones and powered a photo app. Most importantly however, the energy lit the statue in green and powered a laser beam that gave the Christ statue a ‘beating heart’. Watch the video.

3FM Serious Request

The Dutch radio show 3FM Serious Request broadcasted from the ‘Glazen Huis’ in Amersfoort in 2021 to raise as much money as possible for the ‘Wereld Natuur Fonds’. Energy Floors provided sustainable custom made dance floors in the 5 glass mini houses that visitors could enjoy while listening to the radio show. The more visitors danced, the more energy was generated. This energy was then used to activate the thermostat in the ‘Glazen Huis’.

Glasgow Science Center

A custom floor was made for Glasgow’s Science Center’s ‘Powering the Future’ exhibition. The floor consisted of 8 tiles in a specially designed cube with lighting, touchscreen, camera and a mirror ball. With the touchscreen, visitors chose which game they wanted to play on the dancefloor: Charge Your Selfie, an Energy Battle or the Power Boost Arcade Game.

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Boost your sustainable brand image

From design to implementation, our experienced team realizes a floor that boosts your sustainable brand image.

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With the sustainable goal clearly in mind, our creative team gets started on a custom design. 


As soon as we are all happy with the design, the production team can get to work. The products are prepared in our workplace in Rotterdam.


Our installation team ensures that the floor is installed at any location in the world. They don’t leave until everything is working and tested and are available for support afterwards.

Dancer case studies

Energy Battle


Sustainable dancefloors activate lights on Techmission010.

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Qatar ExxonMobil Open

Photobooth to promote sustainability at the tennis championship.

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Custom made floor

3FM Serious Request

5 custom-made floors for the ‘Glazen Huis’.

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