Smart Cities

It is our mission to speed up the energy transition by creating awareness about renewable energy in exciting ways.

We design and build floors that generate energy, are smart, interactive and make sustainability visible. So, everyone who steps on them realizes that they can really make an impact.

Our energy floors are versatile and can be integrated into any indoor or outdoor setting. They offer a sustainable solution to the education, entertainment and smart cities sectors.

Public space

Shopping centre

Shopping centre

As well as public spaces, our sustainable solutions can be integrated into shopping centres or retail parks to raise awareness about renewable energy for everyday shoppers.

Green Pea in Italy, for example, is the world’s first green shopping centre built from sustainable materials. At every entrance to the shopping centre, a kinetic energy floor registers the steps of the visitors. Real-time data informs them of how much energy they have collectively generated per day and in total. The energy is then directly used to make battery packs for mobile phones that visitors can use for free in the food court. It’s an entirely circular experience.

Public space

Our home of Rotterdam is a smarty city, and with our Energy Floors we want to help other cities transition towards becoming smart, sustainable and innovative. One way of doing this is by transforming public spaces to educate citizens.

In 2020 for example, we built a sustainable sidewalk in the Rotterdam district of Reyeroord. The LED tiles react to walking, dancing or jumping and delivers energy to a multi-functional light pole. The pole then transforms this energy into electricity to charge electric cars and up to 320 mobile phones. The floor can be programmed to interact with the pedestrians in a really fun and exciting way.

Solar powered sidewalk Rotterdam


malta garden

Malta’s Presidential Eco Garden

Dutch windwheel updated

Dutch Windwheel

healthcare solutions with floors

HAN University of Applied Sciences: healthcare solutions with interactive floors

Kinetic energy floors at AFAS experience center, Leusden

AFAS Experience Center: sustainable and smart buildings

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