Amazon Music x Coldplay album activation

August 4, 2022

Amazon Music x Coldplay album activation

On Thursday 15 October Coldplay released their latest album and announced a world tour. They activated their album with pop-up experiences across four global cities. The Amazon Music presents Coldplay Immersive Experience was a 2-day activation in New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo to celebrate the launch of Coldplay’s latest album Music of the Spheres.

Energy Floors installed the Sustainable Kinetic Dancefloor at the London and Berlin events in collaboration with BMF creative agency.

The Immersive Experience

The new Coldplay album landed in east London’s Shoreditch by means of a geodesic dome tent. The installation was one of four fictional planets known as ‘The Atmospheres’. In London there was Floris and in Berlin, Supersolis which both hover in the Music of the Spheres galaxy – Coldplay’s new solar system.  Upon entry into Floris, fans walked along a runway of sustainable kinetic flooring. Each step on the tiles generated kinetic energy. The aim was to educate fans about sustainability, as well as the possibilities of human-generated energy from something as simple as a footstep. Throughout the Immersive Experience, visitors were transmitted to an alternate reality via 360-video projection. It was a mix between dystopian and intergalactic visuals, overlayed with audio from one of Coldplay’s latest songs. When danced on throughout the experience, the floors generated more energy and triggered a rainbow of colours. You could also send an other-worldly message from tablets inside the installation. Outside of Floris and Supersolis, a battery meter monitoring the number of joules across the two days increased every few seconds as more and more fans immersed themselves. There was also a fun dance experience with a personal video to download. The activations were led by BMF creative agency and attracted over 3,000 fans in Europe, generating thousands of joules of kinetic energy.

Experiential marketing x Sustainability

Experiential marketing events and brand activations like this are an excellent way for brands or companies to connect with their target audience on a personal level. The pop-up activations not only created a buzz around the new Coldplay album and tour, but it also served to instil the band’s values of sustainability and creativity. As sponsors of the events, it positions Amazon Music in alignment to the green agenda as well. The Sustainable Dance Floor from Energy Floors is designed to inform users about the global energy transition in fun and interactive ways. Our aim is to engage citizens and consumers in renewable energy generation and the positive environmental impact. You can read more about creative brand activations in our blog Experiential Marketing x Sustainability: Successful Brand Activations.

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