Lockdowns are easing and economies are beginning to open up. It’s time for creative industries to get ready for summer 2021, sustainably ☀️

At Energy Floors, we help to align brands and creative agencies with the energy transition in a fun, interactive and COVID-secure way. In the current global climate, this is now more important than ever.

With The Dancer, you can promote your brand while raising awareness about the importance of renewable energy.


DAYBREAKER is a morning dance community of 500,000+ members in 28 cities around the world. They inspire humans to start their day unlike any other — by waking up and dancing in iconic spaces, first thing in the morning. In 2020, they held a (Give) Back to Nature event at the iconic CIRCL Amsterdam. The event launched the beginning of the Dutch Circular Economy week with an aim to have a party with zero C02 emissions. Our sustainable dancefloor was one of the key elements used to obtain that goal!

The Dancer was used to host a yoga class in the morning, and then the ultimate dance party (still) in the morning with an array of performances. In total, the daybreakers generated 60,000 joules of energy! And for every ticket sold, DAYBREAKER planted a tree in Costa Rica.

It’s fun and interactive, but more importantly, it’s sustainable. Drop us a message below and let us know your ideas 👇

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Our sustainable dancefloor uses human movement as a source of energy. Each floor module can produce up to 35 Wp of sustained output. This kinetic energy is then converted into electricity.

The energy generated by the users is made visual through a customisable interface, adapted to meet the brand aesthetic. The electricity powers the internal LED lights on the dancefloor, and can be integrated with one of our plug-ins, for example, a photobooth #danceforyourselfie, a dance battle or even a digital battery meter. It is completely customizable to make it a completely unique experience!

We are able to set the energy floor in a socially-distanced manner. And we have also introduced COVID-proof payment terms for ease of mind. Get in touch, #GETONIT!

  • Marketing events
  • Brand activations
  • Dance parties
  • Festivals
  • Exhibitions
  • Product presentations

Boost your brand experience

Interactive and fun

Use your movement as a source of energy

The Dancer portfolio

christ the redeemer energy floors

Christ the Redeemer statue turns green for energy, Rio de Janeiro

Energy Floors at Salesforce Live

Energy Floors at Salesforce Live, Australia

Jaguar XE launch party

Jaguar XE Launch Party, Berlin

Samsung Electric Playground

Samsung Electric Playground, Australia

How our technology works

In the last decade we kept on improving our technology, which has resulted in the world’s most efficient energy converting tile. We produce Sustainable Dance Floor modules of the best quality: the highest energy output in the world, able to resist extreme weather and extraordinary powers, highest life expectancy and applicable in every possible location.

Or in short… You dance on The Sustainable Dance Floor and you simply create real and useable energy!

Kinetic Tile

The Sustainable Dance Floor modules flex slightly when stepped on. Inside each tile is an electromechanical system, which transforms the small vertical movement produced by dancing people into a rotating movement that drives a generator.


Each module by the size of 75x75x20 cm can produce up to 35 watts of sustained output. Between 5-20 Watt per person

Energy Output

With our Plugins, we visualize the amount of energy generated on our floor modules. Together with the floor, the plugins form the interactive energy experience we offer to our clients.

Data Output

With our Plugins, we visualize the amount of energy generated on our floor modules. Together with the floor, the plugins form the interactive energy experience we offer to our clients.

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