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ExCel, London, UK


Sports – Racing

ABB FIA x Energy Floors


In collaboration with the FIA, LS Events orchestrated the Formula E event at ExCel London in 2023. LS Events sought to create a vibrant Fan Zone and engaged Energy Floors to provide an entertaining dance floor adjacent to the main stage.

Floor at London Formula E championship

Activation Concept:

Energy Floors contributed a 7×7-tile dance floor with a 230 cm tall LED battery display and an energy dashboard on an LCD screen. The dance floor, strategically placed next to the main stage, complemented the event’s dynamic ambiance.

The Dance Innovation

Energy Floors designed and produced a large ramp, so this way we made the sustainable dance floor accessible for wheelchairs too. The integration of a silent disco set added an interactive element, allowing attendees to synchronise their moves with the music through wireless headphones.

Brand Activation marketing at Formula e in london

Collaboration with Formula E Sustainability Initiatives

Formula E, known for its commitment to sustainability, aligns with Energy Floors’ dedication to eco-conscious event activities. Formula E claims to achieve a 100% renewable energy target for all events, emphasising high-quality event power sources in line with their RE100 commitment from The Climate Group. Additionally, Formula E actively engages with its supply chain to promote sustainability throughout the procurement process, ensuring environmental and social standards are met.

Challenges and Solutions

While the initial plan envisioned the dance floor in a specific configuration, the flexibility of Energy Floors allowed for adaptation to the evolving event setup. The LS Events team demonstrated resourcefulness by locally sourcing a silent disco set and handling the production and printing of vinyl for additional staging enhancing the overall experience without additional complexities.

Event Highlights and Challenges

The collaboration between LS Events and Energy Floors at the Formula ExCel London 2023 exemplifies the successful execution of an engaging Fan Zone. Despite the evolving nature of event planning and setup, the adaptability of Energy Floors, coupled with the logistical coordination of LS Events, resulted in a visually striking and dynamic experience for Formula E attendees.

Another Formule E example: Mahindra Racing Collaboration

This collaboration is not Energy Floors’ first venture related to the ABB FIA Formula E. In a previous collaboration with Mahindra Racing, the greenest team in motorsport, Energy Floors powered their race car with fan energy to the beats of Bollywood. Mahindra Racing competes in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, the world’s first all-electric street racing series.

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