the Irish Celebration

St. Patric's in London


London, UK



Dancers dance on sustainable kinetic energy floors

credits: PA Media

Sustainable Kinetic Dancefloor ‘Energises’ the Irish Celebration

Tourism Ireland’s St Patrick’s Day event in London was a vibrant celebration that brought together commuters, tourists and passers-by to honour Ireland’s patron saint. To create an interactive and sustainable experience, Tourism Ireland worked with Energy Floors to create a tailor-made outdoor pop-up dance floor. The kinetic dance floor, powered by the dancers’ footsteps, generated energy to light up the green kinetic tiles and a captivating screen showcasing Ireland’s breathtaking landscapes.

The Event: Celebrating Irish Culture in London

Overnight, Tourism Ireland transformed a bustling London location into a vibrant hub of Irish dance, music and celebration. The outdoor pop-up dance floor provided a lively space for people to tap their toes, generating energy as they celebrated St Patrick’s Day. This innovative approach allowed both locals and visitors to engage with Irish culture in a fun and interactive way.

Honouring Irish Dance Tradition

Dance has always been a significant part of Irish culture, serving as a way to celebrate. To pay tribute to this tradition, Tourism Ireland invited Irish dancers to lead the way on the kinetic dance floor, generating the electricity required to power the lights and screen. Passers-by were welcomed to join in the celebration, dance, hop, or jig on the floor and immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere of St Patrick’s Day.

The Installation

We worked with Tourism Ireland to create a visually striking dance floor that harnessed the power of movement. The kinetic tiles converted dancers’ footsteps into electricity, lighting up the green tiles and a captivating screen showcasing Ireland’s scenic landscapes. Irish dancers took the lead, inviting the public to join in the celebration and generate energy together. We customised the installation by incorporating a green vinyl border around the edges, creating an overall green aesthetic. This choice perfectly aligned with the event’s theme, creating an energy-efficient dance floor that showcased Ireland’s commitment to sustainability.

credits: PA Media

credits: PA Media

Overcoming Logistical Hurdles

Planning and executing the energy floor installation presented logistical challenges. We worked diligently to meet health and safety requirements, providing necessary documentation and ensuring accessibility with a carefully designed ramp. Despite tight timelines, the overnight installation was flawlessly completed and all materials cleared customs smoothly. While adverse weather conditions necessitated limited public engagement for safety reasons, the event effectively celebrated St Patrick’s Day, showcased Irish culture and emphasised the importance of sustainability.

Media Buzz and Positive PR

The event garnered extensive media attention, with widespread coverage and positive PR generated by Tourism Ireland. London Live, Metro, Daily Mail, BBC London, MSN, Yahoo and South London Press were among the outlets featuring the event. It was even covered by an Australian media outlet, amplifying the impact of the celebration.

Resounding Success and Engaged Audience

Tourism Ireland’s St Patrick’s Day extravaganza achieved excellent results in terms of attendance, audience engagement and public reception. Enthusiastic individuals flocked to the dance floor, joining Irish dancers and embracing the festive spirit. 

This case study is a testament to the collaboration between Tourism Ireland and Energy Floors, which brought St Patrick’s Day in London to life with an innovative and sustainable approach. By harnessing the power of kinetic energy, our sustainable dance floor brought joy, engagement and eco-consciousness to the event. We celebrated St Patrick’s Day, while also highlighting the  possibilities of renewable energy. 

Let’s continue to create remarkable experiences and build a greener future together! 

Stay tuned for more exciting ventures with Energy Floors.

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