Use Your Power to Celebrate Green with Samsung: Energy Floors' Electrifying Activation at KPN Festival 2023


Dutch Moving Media


Zeist, NL



Sustainable kinetic energy floors @ KPN Festival 2023


Samsung, a prominent partner of KPN Netherlands, aimed to make a significant impact at the KPN Festival 2023 hosted on the KNVB Campus in Zeist. KPN wanted to create a memorable event for their 6-7000 employees and partners under the theme “Celebrate the Power of Green” with a lot of sports events and other activities. Samsung approached Dutch Moving Media to devise a unique and engaging concept that would align with the event’s theme, exude joy, and encourage participants to visit their activation area.

Energy Bikes Energy Floors KPN Event 2023

Activation Concept

Dutch Moving Media devised an innovative concept that connected Samsung with the audience while promoting the event’s “Celebrate the Power of Green” theme and  they came up with their own slogan: “Use Your Power to Celebrate Green”. Two major components took centre in their big tent in this activation:

  • Smoothie Bar:
    A smoothie bar encouraged attendees to use their power to pedal on bikes to get their green smoothies. The faster they pedalled, the quicker they received their refreshing reward.
  • Energy Floors Kinetic Dance Floor:
    At the heart of the activation was the Energy Floors dance floor, which offered a creative way for participants to use their power to celebrate this big event and all the green efforts. The challenge was to dance and generate energy, converting their moves into unforgettable memories in the form of pictures.

An Energetic Silent Disco Experience

Because of the main stage’s performances, the Samsung tent transformed the dance floor into a silent disco. Participants donned wireless headphones, synchronising their moves to the DJ’s tunes while generating energy through their enthusiastic dance moves. As a valuable lesson for future events, we all acknowledged the power of incorporating a DJ to energise the crowd, elevating the engagement and entertainment quotient even further.


Capturing Joyful Moments with "Charge Your Selfie"

In the spirit of capturing and sharing joyous memories, we introduced an exciting “Charge Your Selfie” installation as part of the Energy Floors activation. The dance floor was ingeniously designed to double as a photo booth, where participants could “charge” the installation with their dance-generated energy. As the energy levels reached a peak, the software automatically captured vibrant photos of the participants in action, complete with a personalized QR code for instant download and sharing on social media platforms. To add a touch of branding and personalization, a custom-made photoframe adorned the photos, showcasing all the important information. This interactive and visually appealing feature not only encouraged attendees to participate in the dance floor experience but also extended the reach of the activation beyond the festival grounds. The “Charge Your Selfie” installation further exemplified the shared commitment to sustainability and joyful engagement, leaving attendees with cherished mementos and reinforcing Samsung’s brand message of empowering individuals to celebrate green initiatives in a fun and eco-friendly manner. 

“Energy Floors was just really fitting into our concept, and I really think we want to use it again, because it was just fun, original and people really liked it”

Event Highlights and Challenges

The KPN Festival encountered challenges due to unpredictable weather conditions, causing the first day to be cancelled. However, on the second day, the activation successfully ignited enthusiasm among attendees. A total of 70 pictures were taken, featuring 15 energetic groups. Many of them shared their experiences on social media using the hashtag #useyourpowertocelebrategreen for a chance to win a Samsung Flip mobile phone. Despite the challenges posed by the outdoor venue, Dutch Moving Media and Energy Floors collaborated to ensure a smooth event. The innovative and interactive activation delivered on the theme “Use Your Power to Celebrate Green” and left a lasting impression on the attendees.  

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