Floriade 2022: Sustainable floor for Qatar’s green mission

April 14, 2022

Once every 10 years, the International Horticultural Exhibition comes to The Netherlands!


Starting from 14 April through to 9 October 2022, explore the world of horticulture at the Floriade Expo in Almere, Amsterdam.


The theme this year is Growing Green Cities. Both national and international participants will present green solutions to make cities more fun, sustainable and liveable.


We are thrilled to be a part of this year’s exhibition, supporting the country of Qatar. A country that is making a visible and demonstrated effort to become more sustainable.


You may remember that the country hosted a number of promotional activities at this year’s Qatar ExxonMobil Tennis Open in February. We featured that on our portfolio as it was a great example of experiential marketing through the use of our Energy Floors. And it’s a memorable way that brands can interact with their audience to promote their sustainable values.


This year, they’re displaying in a pavilion at the Floriade using our energy floors to help activate their message. We are excited for the launch and cannot wait to see further blossoming developments from Qatar.

Construction of the energy floor at floriade

The Pavilion

The Qatar pavilion features a Desert Nest exhibition with four traditional pigeon towers. Step inside the towers designed as a respite for migrating pigeons, and learn more about the country’s visions for a sustainable future. Our solar energy floors feature inside one of the pigeon towers, integrated with games for families to play. Not only are they interactive, but they add to the theme of the expo and the aims of Qatar itself. The floors are designed for smart cities to make the production of solar energy visible to the public. They are built from recyclable materials and can last beyond 10 years. Full details about the exhibition can be found directly on the Floriade website, alongside all the international participants showcasing this year.

Circular economy

Materials used to build Qatar’s Desert Nest exhibition are strategically chosen to ‘return to nature’. The objective here is no waste, or, as little as possible.

The same applies to our solar energy floor. We’ve created our first ‘cradle-to-cradle’ project specifically for the expo. That is, we’ve sold our energy floors to Qatar at the Floriade. Then, to ensure full circularity, they will sell it back to us after the expo is finished. We are then able to reuse the floor for another smart city project.

Perhaps the floor will come in handy at next year’s International Horticultural Exhibition in Doha! How pleasantly ironic?

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