Can nightclubs be sustainable?

February 22, 2022

As the world recognizes that more needs to be done to reduce CO2 emissions, nightclubs are becoming sustainable with innovative technology.

During the 2021 COP26 conference, conversations about saving the planet were kicked back into motion. In fact, countries had already been working on reducing their emissions as agreed at the 2016 Paris Accord. But the recent conference brought the attention back into public discourse.

With this came conversations about all aspects of life: where cuts could be made, what technology could be used, and which problems can be solved. It was around this time that momentum reignited for the role entertainment venues could play, specifically nightclubs. Read our blog about how the live music industry can support climate change.

Some nightclubs have already upgraded to include sustainable initiatives. Take for example replacing paper tickets with QR codes; prioritizing contactless payments over cash; replacing plastic straws with biodegradable ones and installing electric hand driers in the bathrooms. These are all positive strides to becoming more efficient, but can it be taken further?

It’s getting hot in here…so keep dancing?

The Glaswegian club SW3 believes so. Last year they announced they would become sustainable by using renewable energy. The club will recycle heat generated in the club by visitors. The more people in a club, the hotter it gets. And once you add dancing to the mix, the temperature gets even higher. However, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

The BODYHEAT project doesn’t want to see this heat go to waste. They’re building technology that will capture, store and repurpose the heat to cool down the club. It’s an innovative idea and sets a precedent for more clubs to think sustainably.


Energy Floors as a proven concept

However, technology for sustainable nightlife is in fact not new. And Energy Floors are living proof that renewable energy in night clubs can already work.

Energy Floors started out as the world’s first sustainable night club. Back then we were known as Club Watt, based in Rotterdam where our Sustainable Dance Floor was created and used to offset the club’s emissions. Our company has grown to provide energy solutions to different markets, but our vision remains the same.

We specialise in creating experiences and activations with our floors. That is, we can use the energy generated from the floor to help power another device, concept or idea. In a club setting for example, this could contribute to the air conditioning system, the lighting, or overall emissions. The possibilities are varied.

Our floors are designed to interact with the public and engage them in the production of renewable energy. We aim to make the energy production visible, so it has a lasting impression on the public.

New and old technologies continue to provide solutions for our daily lives and so it’s no surprise that night clubs are one of them. We will continue to follow the latest ideas for a sustainable night life scene, and we are open to opportunities to collaborate.

After all, the COP conferences encourage us all to make a united effort, even in the unassuming domains like night clubs.

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