Malta’s Presidential

Eco Garden

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Malta eco park
Malta's Presidential Kitchen Garden
Malta recognises that it needs to become more sustainable and is taking action to do so. The President’s Kitchen Garden in Malta is one of the most historic parks in the country with former diplomatic importance. Throughout 2018 and 2019, the park underwent renovations to become more sustainable and appealing to its citizens.


Energy Floors was approached by the Office of the President and the Energy Ministry in Malta to propose energy solutions for the park. They wanted a space that is family friendly, would educate children, and involve them in the production and conservation of energy and natural resources.


We installed The Gamer in the centre of the playground as an ideal solution that would fit their needs. And, in addition, we also added The Walker, our solar panelled smart floor. The park also features other activities that are sustainable through solar, wind and kinetic energy. For example, children can light up a whirlpool by using the stationary bicycles or illuminate white mushrooms while walking on them. There is also a cafeteria (of which the proceeds go to a national charity, a petting zoo with domestic animals and a vegetable garden. Read more about our work in Smart Cities or request a quote for your next project.