Activate your work Christmas party with a Sustainable Dance Floor

October 5, 2021

The festive season is fast approaching which means there are a lot of parties to look forward to, and a lot to start planning! It’s time to celebrate the end of a difficult year with our family, friends and colleagues too. Employers are already preparing for their end of year staff parties as a way of saying thank you to the workforce. Make it a night to remember with the Sustainable Dance Floor!


Energy Floors has helped companies big and small throw end of year parties, combining an element of fun and sustainability. Our track record includes global names like Marriott Hotels, Novo Nordisk, Sparkasse and Telefonica. We have installed floors in large stadiums and arenas across Europe, as well as in company headquarters, offices and a range of event venues.

Company party activation

Step into the festivities

Our Sustainable Dance Floor transforms a regular dancing experience into an act of environmental change. Aside from being an aesthetically pleasing feature to any location, each step generates energy to power the floor’s LED lights. Installing the Sustainable Dance Floor is an ideal way to align your company values with the green agenda.


Some ideas for making your party stand out:

  • A customised screen display (aligned to your brand aesthetic) to trigger an activation of your choice. A large battery meter or energy valve will fill up as more energy is produced. This displays how many joules of energy has been generated throughout the night. Once the meter is full, you can activate a new song, a smoke screen or a new performance. Visualising energy production allows everyone to understand their contribution to the global energy transition 
  • The human-powered photobooth. It’s always nice to have a keepsake to remember good times and with the SDF you make it educational too! In previous activations, dancers must generate enough joules to earn a selfie. What a difference one step can make! We can install a camera near the floor and when the energy meter has filled up, a selfie will be taken. Say cheese!
  • Add in an element of healthy competition with the Energy Battle game. This is a great way to boost teamwork and camaraderie. Which team will dance long enough to generate the most energy? HR vs Finance? Marketing vs. Business Development? Make it even more exciting by adding a prize!

An added bonus is that the data generated from the floors can feature in your company’s internal and external comms. It can contribute to marketing campaigns or even feature in reporting.

The Sustainable Dance Floor can be installed with as little as two floor modules, to a maximum of 36 square meters. Our team are experienced in the installation of these events so planning and logistics will run seamlessly. Just tell us what you would like and we will do the rest. GET ON IT.

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