Billions Invested to Support: A Look at the Future of Dutch Energy

September 27, 2021

Billions invested to support the Dutch energy transition

The Dutch government is investing 6.8 billion euros to support climate change initiatives across The Netherlands. In order to meet the countries 2030 objectives, last week the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate announced extra funding for businesses looking to make the country more sustainable.


Advantages are designed to benefit the planet and the consumer. For example, the government will provide incentives for citizens making sustainable choices. For example, giving reimbursements for purchasing an electric car, or, for electric delivery vans which help support SMEs. There will also be a National Insulation Program for homes, and more money fed into the Sustainable Energy Production Incentive Scheme (SDE++) – the subsidy scheme for sustainable energy and other technologies that reduce Co2 emissions.

An extra 300 billion euros has been announced to support innovative collaborations for energy transitions across the EU. IPCEIs, or ‘Important Project of Common European Interest’, are large-scale European collaborations between companies and knowledge institutions around an innovative technology, production chain or infrastructure that is seen as strategically important for the EU.


Energy Floors specialises in building sustainable solutions to the Dutch market and beyond through our work in smart cities and smart buildings. We are a home-grown company with proud roots in Rotterdam which has also made strides to become a smart city. We would like to continue this work through the provision of smart solar panels for cities and buildings across the EU. You can view our portfolio here.

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