200k Euro quickly were raised via the

crowdfunding campaign

March 1, 2019

Ten years ago, we introduced the Sustainable Dance Floor in Club Watt in Rotterdam. Last year, supported by a crowdfunding campaign, we introduced our newest floor: The Smart Energy Floor. This is an outdoor solar powered floor for permanent installation in, for example, school playgrounds and airports.


We were given one month to collect our target amount of 100,000 Euro through the crowdfunding platform OnePlanetCrowd. But were able to collect the maximum amount of EUR 200.000 within 12 hours!


“Of course, we have full confidence in our product, but having so many people invest in it in such a short period exceeded all our expectations!”
according to Michel Smit, CEO of Energy Floors.




The Gamer is one of our new propositions that is focused on children in primary schools. The kids can take part in the games actively: calculation, reaction and memory trainers. This enables the floor to contribute to achieving three objectives in the primary school phase, starting with addressing children’s lack of physical exercise. We aim to promote a healthier lifestyle by stimulating children to exercise more. Secondly the children are given the opportunity to learn through action, which results to better outcomes than passive learning does. Last but not least, the Gamer generates energy through solar-panels integrated into the tiles, which provides the school with sustainable energy.




The amount that has been collected will not only give The Gamer a boost, it will also be invested to make a success of the Walker. The Walker is capable of turning every pavement and bicycle lane into a smart and interactive energy generator. It is suitable as a source of energy for LED lighting and smart signage, as well as for the collection of data in crowded areas like airports, stations and train stations.


‘Right now we are celebrating, but soon we will get back to work in order to provide as many schools and other crowded areas as possible with our newest Smart Energy Floor,’ according to Michel Smit.