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Energy Floors partnered with Cisco Systems and event management agency George P. Johnson (GPJ) to introduce a kinetic walkway and kinetic dancefloor activation at Cisco Live! Amsterdam, the premier conference and exhibition for networking and communications technologies.


Held from February 5th to February 9th, 2024, at the RAI Amsterdam, this event attracted industry leaders, IT professionals, and technology enthusiasts from around the world. Attendees were immersed in cutting-edge presentations, workshops, and demonstrations highlighting the latest trends and advancements in virtualization, wireless networks, security, and more.

Cisco Live Amsterdam - Energy Floors

"The feedback was fantastic and the Celebration in particular achieved the highest EVER score from the customer surveys!"

C. Nochchalad – Event Manager 

Sustainability initiatives

Cisco has set a goal to reach net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across its value chain by 2040. Cisco products and technologies help reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower GHG emissions, improved energy efficiency, and enabling circular business models. In recognition of its commitment to innovation and community engagement, GPJ received an award for its exceptional contributions to technology and event management for Cisco Live! Amsterdam 2023.

Event details

As the event was hosted at the RAI, Energy Floors found themselves in familiar territory, streamlining production and optimising efficiency. s. Leveraging this advantage, the event became one of the largest in volume and turnover in years. Cisco’s request for a kinetic walkway positioned at a high-traffic location, linking two exposition halls, prompted an innovative solution. Initially conceived to showcase energy production and local reuse, the concept evolved into an activation enabling attendees to control external lighting with the energy generated by their movements. 

Set up

Set up on a grand scale with many screens and a connection to the lighting console.

The kinetic walkway was divided into two colors, and on the last day, the kinetic walkway was converted into a dance floor. The dance floor was also also divided into two colors, where the floor that generated the most energy gained control over the lighting in the hall. Interactive and arranged in a loop, so if one color reached 100% on the Energy Generation screen first, the light above the stage would turn that color for a minute. Then this process started over again, so the audience kept motivated to dance on the floor and get the energy level on the screens to 100% .

Multiple Screen Energy Floors - Cisco

Challenges and (custom)Solutions

The additional challenge was providing an access ramp to guarantee easy and safe access to the 20cm raised kinetic flooring. A custom wood construction was made by Interieurmakers Rotterdam

Additionally, the walkway needed to convert into a dance floor within a small time window while the event was still open to the public. Challenges included the complexity of using two different types of LCD TV screens, hiring external video production experts, and managing the logistics of the rebuild-conversion during the event.


Energy Floors Attendees activated
People activated 16.000
Environmental benefit * € 41.600
Commercial benefit ** € 90.400
* by raised awareness on renewable energy
** by increased brand value and customer participation

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Elevating events with Sustainable Kinetic Walkway Solutions

The success of the kinetic walkway and kinetic dancefloor activation at Cisco Live! Amsterdam underscores the potential for integrating sustainable energy solutions into large-scale events. Despite logistical challenges, the activation provided attendees with an engaging experience and highlighted Cisco’s and GPJ’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. Cisco Live! Amsterdam exemplifies the importance of leveraging technology and sustainability to create memorable event experiences. By partnering with Energy Floors, the two companies showcased their dedication to innovation and environmental stewardship, offering sustainable and interactive experiences that elevate events and inspire audiences.



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