Albert Heijn:

Promoting Sustainability at the Beter Eten Festival

Dancefloor and photobooth activation stand with Albert Heijn branding.

Albert Heijn is the most famous supermarket in The Netherlands. It is a household name and a staple of the Dutch community.

Every year, the iconic brand organises a multi-day event to promote their products, sustainability and a healthier lifestyle. This is known as the Beter Eten Festival, (Better Eating Festival).

Across two days in April, the public were invited to visit the festival to ‘see, taste and experience’ Albert Heijn’s mission – a great example of experiential marketing!

During the festival, the supermarket hosted workshops, trade show style stalls and keynote speeches from industry professionals.

Albert Heijn want to be more sustainable. They therefore designated a section of the festival to showcase these endeavours. This included, for example, insulation, using renewable energy and adding e-car chargers to office carparks. To help ‘activate’ the green message, we installed our Human-Powered Photobooth. This consisted of two kinetic floor modules with a QR code to download.

For this activation, we worked in collaboration with the agency XSAGA and consultant Kristel Strikkers.