Solar energy floors

at Dakendagen, Rotterdam

Officially opening on Thursday 26 May, the Rotterdam Rooftop Walk is back!


The Rooftop Walk is a walking route constructed across the roofs of Rotterdam’s city centre buildings and some of the city’s iconic landmarks. The route also includes an air bridge between the World Trade Center and the Bijenkorf Shopping Store.


Both citizens and tourists are invited to explore the potential of rooftops for green projects, energy generation, water storage and public use.


This year we are pleased to feature on the walk with our smart and solar energy floors. Find us located on the right side of the Bijenkorf in front of the wind turbines.


Everyday the energy floors will track the total number of visitors walking across the floor, and their total number of steps. This data is visualised on a live counter on the floor itself. In addition, the floor will capture the amount of solar energy generated each day, as well as overall.


For more information, a poster with a QR code to scan is placed next to the installation.


The Rotterdam Rooftop Walk is open everyday from Thursday 26 May to Friday 24 June. It was designed by MVRDV in collaboration with Rotterdam Rooftop Days.


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