Smart Building

Energy Floors brings innovation to the heart of your smart city, offering a groundbreaking solution to elevate sustainability and awareness.

Our product seamlessly integrates within your urban landscape or smart building, transforming human movement into tangible, sustainable energy.

By strategically placing our energy-generating floors in high-traffic areas, such as public spaces or commercial buildings, you can harness the power of foot traffic to generate clean and renewable energy.

Kinetic Energy Floor

Our Products

Kinetic Walkway

Solar Walkway

Live Examples

AFAS Experience Center

Soccer Stadium De Kuip (Feyenoord Rotterdam)

Shopping Mall(Turin, Italy)


Discover Smart City & Smart Building solutions by Where innovation and sustainability converge to power smarter cities and buildings. At the heart of our mission is The Kinetic Walkway, a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes public spaces by harnessing renewable energy from footfall and sunlight.

Indoors or outdoors, The Walker offers versatile solutions to fit your project’s needs. With our kinetic floor modules, every step contributes to energy production while also capturing valuable data. Meanwhile, our solar panels transform urban landscapes, bringing renewable energy to the streets and sidewalks.

Whether you’re designing a new office complex, hospital, or public park, The Walker seamlessly integrates sustainability and functionality. Customize your project with tailored floor designs and data displays, ensuring a perfect fit for your building’s aesthetic and purpose.

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