Energizing Heineken Spain's Internal Event with Sustainable Fun




Punta Umbría, ES


Sustainable kinetic energy floors @ Heineken

Sustainable FUN with Heineken

Heineken Spain hosted an internal event aimed at team building and launching their exciting new product. Seeking an innovative and engaging way to promote sustainability within their organization, Heineken Spain turned to Energy Floors for a unique solution. The objective was clear: create awareness about sustainability while infusing the event with fun and memorable experiences.


The Event

Heineken Spain organized a multi-day internal event that combined team building activities and the introduction of their new product. Energy Floors, known for their expertise in sustainable kinetic technology, was selected to be a part of this special occasion. For one day, the Energy Floors installation became the centerpiece, attracting the attention and participation of the event attendees.

The Energy Floors Experience

Inspired by Heineken’s commitment to sustainability and the adaptability of Energy Floors’ solutions, an interactive challenge was devised for the event. The installation featured  2 smart kinetic tiles in a frame with an integrated energy meter, providing participants with a unique and engaging experience where they aimed to produce a specific amount of energy through their dance moves and fill their glasses with beer.

Participants eagerly stepped onto the tiles, utilizing their dance moves and jumps to generate energy. As their energy output increased, the LED monitor displayed a dynamic visualization, showcasing the amount of energy produced and the progress of filling their glasses. Participants were encouraged with messages like “You produced 824 joules, contributing to the energy for the bar tap,” highlighting the direct impact of their movements on energy generation and the symbolic “bartender job”. The challenge revolved around refilling the glasses as quickly as possible. Participants embraced the task with enthusiasm, dancing and moving happily to achieve their goal. The competition created an exciting atmosphere as participants aimed to be the first to successfully fill their glasses, symbolizing their victory in the battle of energy. This captivating experience exemplified the convergence of sustainability, entertainment, and the Heineken brand. By combining the joy of dance with the specific energy production goal and the race to fill glasses, Heineken Spain effectively communicated their commitment to sustainability in a fun and engaging manner. The integration of Energy Floors’ kinetic technology added an innovative touch, showcasing the power of sustainable actions and inspiring participants to embrace greener practices.

Results and Impact

Heineken Spain’s internal event, powered by Energy Floors’ sustainable kinetic technology, surpassed expectations in creating awareness about sustainability within the organization. Participants were not only engaged in an entertaining activity but also experienced firsthand the impact of their energy generation. By customizing the experience to align with Heineken’s branding and values, Energy Floors successfully showcased the brand’s commitment to a greener future.


The event’s success extended beyond entertainment. It emphasized the significance of incorporating sustainable practices into internal events, reinforcing Heineken Spain’s dedication to environmental responsibility. The energy generated by the participants contributed to powering the virtual bar tap, demonstrating that even small individual efforts can make a substantial difference.


Incorporating sustainable elements into internal events not only promotes environmental consciousness but also creates a sense of fun and excitement. It highlights a brand’s forward-thinking approach and inspires participants to take part in green initiatives. Energize your events, inspire your team, and make sustainability a centerpiece of your organization’s culture with Energy Floors.

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