Energy Floors has a Serious Request!

December 10, 2021

Energy Floors has a Serious Request!


It’s that time of year again for 3FM’s Serious Request and they have enlisted Energy Floors to help activate the message.


The national Dutch radio station 3FM host an annual event to fundraise for charity. This year, 3FM want to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) so they can protect and restore the rain forests in South America. The rain forests hold particular importance as they help to combat climate change.


The Requests


For 2021’s challenge, four of the 3FM DJs will be locked inside a glass house for 1 week in the city of Amersfoort – a location deliberately chosen for its dense forestry. They will encourage listeners to donate, take action and send in song requests in return for a donation to WWF. It’s a creative initiative that has already raised over €40. 000 before the challenge has officially begun.


The glass house itself is built in De Nieuw Stad (The New City) in Amersfoort, a former factory campus renovated for companies and residents. There will be Christmas Markets available and activities to enjoy at the old Prodent Factory.


But wait, we have another request…


The temperature in the glass house will be warm, and it will keep getting warmer just like planet Earth. The DJs need your help! In order to lower the temperature, members of the public, listeners and fans will not only have to take action online, but in person by visiting the glass house. Here’s how…


Take action with the power of dance


Our Sustainable Dance Floor modules have been installed in 5 mini glass houses dotted around De Nieuw Stad. Inside each of these houses, our floors are waiting for you to dance on them to the 3FM tunes! The LED lights in the floors start off as red.


The more you dance, the more energy you generate. And this will be used to ‘activate’ the temperature control in the glass house to reduce the heat for the DJs. The LED lights in the energy floor will also turn from red to blue to illustrate the change in temperature.


In short, the public are responsible for the climate system in the glass house.


The glass house therefore acts as a small representation of Earth in the climate emergency, and specifically global warming. The request is serious: take action to help save the planet. Will you join in the Serious Request?


A real-time energy meter will display the number of watts generated. The challenge is broadcast live 24/7 throughout the week-long marathon, as well as showcased across all 3FM online channels. Full details are on their website. Use the hashtag #SR2021!


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