6 museums to visit for the kinetic energy floor experience

August 10, 2021

Whether it’s the school holidays, a school trip or even just a day out on the weekend, museums are always a great option to learn something new and have fun at the same time.

Energy Floors has a strong and growing portfolio mixing fun, education and sustainability through our international work with museums and science centres which all aim to impart knowledge about the future of energy. It can be renewable or clean energy but the common denominator is that it is human-powered, meaning that it is generated by you, children and adults alike. Below we showcase some of the locations our floors are installed in and how they can be harnessed for good, including for a selfie!

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1. SPARKOH!, Belgium


In their exhibition Energy, new dreams, SPARKOH! invites visitors to learn all about the origins of energy, its uses and the challenges it faces combined with solutions for the future. Our sustainable dancefloor features alongside many installations requiring you to generate energy in order to watch a short film.

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2. Glasgow Science Centre, Scotland

At Glasgow Science Centre’s exhibition Powering The Future we helped develop an interactive energy exhibit involving our energy dance floor.

Through a touchscreen, visitors can choose which game they want to play: Charge Your Selfie, Energy Battle or the Power Boost Arcade Game. How much energy do you think it will take to power a selfie?

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3. MOVE Mobility Experience, The Netherlands

MOVE is a museum dedicated to the mobility experience and getting youths active. It fits in perfectly with what we believe in at Energy Floors. One of their new installations allows both children and adults to play in pairs and race a car to the finish line by jumping on the kinetic energy floor. It also features the classic arcade game Dodge’ems. It is educational and fun and will definitely burn some calories.

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4. Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, Michigan, USA

The museum has an exhibition called the Solar Spot dedicated to learning about all types of renewable energy, including the energy we generate from ourselves! Children up to 10 years old can jump on the kinetic floor panels and see how much energy they can create. Check out the screens and the light tower to measure the energy you made.

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5. One Planet, The Netherlands


Inspired by the United Nations’ seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, the One Planet exhibition tackles the new advances in food, water and energy. Our floor features as an alternative source of energy for the future in a fun way: play in pairs and aim to beat your competitor by generating more energy.

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6. The Lancaster Science Factory, Pennsylvania, USA


Check us out at the Electricity and Magnetism exhibit in the museum. Applications include: Charge Your Selfie, an Energy Battle, the Power Boost Arcade Game AND an Energy Quiz to test your knowledge. Some questions are multiple choice but watch your step – you’ll have to step on the right floor modules to answer correctly.


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