Dutch Windwheel

Dutch windwheel updated
Dutch Windwheel render

In addition, they would also be installed inside the building to perform like a sensor. In this sense, the floors would send and receive sensor data to monitor occupancy levels to inform other parts of the building. The experience would be completely circular.

A concept of the floors is in Blijdorp in Rotterdam.

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The Dutch Windwheel is set to be an iconic SMART and sustainable building located in Rotterdam.

The building will be built from sustainable materials and is designed for multipurpose use in its truest sense. For example, it will house apartments, offices and hotel rooms that are all interchangeable on any given day and adaptable to visitor needs. The Windwheel will also function as a tourist attraction featuring a viewing deck and a skybar.

However, the main feature can be seen from the design itself – a giant wind turbine generating renewable energy.

During the pilot phase, Energy Floors participated as part of a small consortium of Dutch innovators. For the prototype, we installed The Walker, consisting of solar energy floor modules on entry to the Windwheel. We also tested these floor modules on the hotel balconies.