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Toulouse, FR

In the French city of Toulouse, we started the revolutionary project ‘Pavement Power’; harnessing pedestrian energy to power street lights.
Toulouse Energy Floorss


An innovative city with innovative leaders: Toulouse, in the Southwest of France, is a cultural and cutting-edge technology centre. The deputy mayor, Alexandre Marciel, is in charge of the city’s sustainable development and is convinced that human footfall could be harnessed and converted to electricity to power streetlights.

Marciel got in touch with Energy Floors and together we started the revolutionary ‘Pavement Power’ project; generating electricity for street lights using the energy of pedestrians in Toulouse.

Project Description

The installation was delivered in 2010. The project provided evidence that our technology could be used to harness pedestrian power. The project got featured in the Guardian, read the full article here.

Toulouse Energy Floors in France

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